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    I Product query

    Query by over 100 kinds of auto & Parts, which can give you quick reference to find the auto & parts manufacturers of China immediately.

    II Area query

    You can look for suppliers according to their location. If you want to find some suppliers which located somewhere, this function could satisfy your demand very well.

    III OEM suppliers

    Query by OEM suppliers. By this query, it means you could find any powerful companies which have OEM experience for some automobile assembly and its subsidiaries, for instance, FAW, DFM, BYD etc.

    IV Key word query

    Query by keywords of company name, products, certifications, OEM & export, website etc. By this query, you can find the auto and parts suppliers in China by your special demand.

    V Combination query

    Both Query by areas and by product. It means you could look for the products which located somewhere.

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